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Optional features to enhance the performance of your website :

Unix hosting + CGI + PERL + SSI support: (USD$25.00 / 1 year)
For those who have their own CGI script (Perl script) running on their site, this option gives you a full control of putting up your script. SSI (Server Side Include) gives you the ability to use server side parsing of standard variables. If you have already subscribed to this option, click here and you will have access to our ready-to-use CGI scripts.

Unix hosting + PHP + MySQL support: (USD$30.00 / 1 year)
PHP is a very powerful scripting language that is incorporated into the apache Web server. With the support of MySQL, PHP has become one of the most popular tools in Web programming. For more information, please visit and

Traffic Report: (USD$25.00 / 1 year)
Want to know where your visitors are coming from? How your website is performing ? You will find all the answers from the traffic report. The report will be updated once a day and you will be able to track your page view, visitor's IP and much more. Click here for more details.

Add 50MB Web Space: (USD$25.00 / 1 year)
This gives you extra webspace for your website.

SSL Certificate + Installation: (USD$99.00 / 1 year)
This option provides a SSL hosting which means any of your webpages hosted under is secured! (256-bit high encryption). A must for e-commerce website.
Click here for more options.
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Service: (USD$50.00 / 1 year)

* All prices are in U.S. Dollar Fund and are subject to change without prior notice.

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