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  What type of databases do you support?
Domain Name
  What is a domain?
  Why do I need a domain?
  What is the difference between .com, .net, .org, and .ca domain names?
  How much space is available for each of my email accounts?
  How do I configure my Mail Client to receive email?
  Does WebHostingForFree provide web-based email access?
  Is there any hidden cost or service fee I should be aware of?
  I already have a website and a domain name, can I use your FREE hosting service without paying any fee? For how long?
  What currency do you accept?
File Upload
  How much space is 20MB?
  I have several domains registered with you. When I upload my website to one of my domain, I don't see the change but my other domain is modified instead. Why?
  I have uploaded my files but I could only see the "Under Construction" page. Why?
  Once signed up, can I transfer my Web hosting to another company?
  Can I request changes to my DNS zone files?
  Why can't I see my Website? (ca domains)
Sign Up
  How long does it take for a new domain name to be registered?
  Can I use your services without a domain name?
  If I want to reserve a domain name without putting up a website, can I do that?
SSL Certificate
  SSL Certificate Request Instruction
Web Design
  How to use Dreamweaver to upload my site to your server?
  Do you support Macromedia Flash, Shockwave and JavaScript?
  What tools can I use to build my website?

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